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Why do prospectors often look for quartz when searching for gold?

By Natasha Morris, Project Geologist, Trailbreaker Resources

Although gold can be found associated with a number of minerals and other metals, quartz seems to be the most commonly viewed gold exploration mineral. Quartz in general has a very high hardness (~7 on Mohs mineral hardness scale), meaning it’s resistant to weathering and
does not break down as quickly as other minerals. This makes quartz in general a great host for gold and ore preservation.

Quartz sulphide vein sample from Trailbreaker’s Skelly Property in British Columbia

In terms of geochemistry, quartz is composed of silica, and prior to the quartz crystallizing it is entrained in fluid. These fluids percolate and collect in whatever conduits they can in the rock, creating veins and fracture fills. Fluids that are saturated with silica and also contain gold, can form at many different temperature and pressure conditions, therefore a whole range of deposit types showcase gold and quartz intrinsically linked.

Unfortunately, finding quartz- which is part of the grouping of the most common minerals found on earth…doesn’t necessarily mean you will find gold! Understanding the bigger picture and plumbing systems of how and where the silica fluids came from, is the biggest factor in assessing how much gold is in your quartz.

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